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PlusNet getting tough with broadband hogs

El Reg has an article about how PlusNet is getting tough with people who hog its broadband service. These are people who use up lots of bandwidth and are affecting the connection speeds of others as a result. Only about 0.3% of the entire customer base is affected, however from what I have seen this seems to be quite a vocal minority.
To give you some idea, we’re on PlusNet and are currently using about 40GB per month (we’re on their uncapped 1Mb package). This is pretty high considering that a number of ISPs cap their usage at 1GB per month, and that this site transfers around 5GB per month. Yet, we didn’t receive anything to suggest that we were hogging the newtwork yesterday. Those that are must be using some serious bandwidth.
Some have said that PlusNet is betraying these customers but in reality the 99.7% of customers who are not affected, including us, will see a benefit. It’s probably only fair that those who are straining PlusNet’s resources pay more.
Disclosure: I’m acting as an affiliate of PlusNet and get commission if you click on the adverts (or this link) and sign up for their broadband packages.

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  1. Just to give you an idea… the 0.3% of users (about 240ish) that were emailed, were using using 10% of the available capacity as you’ll know from the Status Postings etc.
    The lower end of the scale for this 0.3% was approximately 140GB average over 3 months, the higher end of the scale was 500GB average over 3 months (the theoretical maximum for a 2MB ADSL Connection is 650GB per month).
    (This information is publicly available in the Portal Discussion forums (here) in whats turning out to be a very long thread :))