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Rid me of random computer parts

Some months ago at Scrapie we brought in several old computers which we salvaged for parts to make up some new machines. We’re now getting rid of the bits that we didn’t salvage and I’ve taken on some of those. If you’re interested, here’s the eBay auction – I’m selling all 16 items off as one lot at a starting price of only 25p (plus postage and packing). I’m afraid I don’t know much about the items (other than that they’re not very good) but if you need parts then check it out. About the best thing there is a 10-Base-T ISA network card, to give you some idea.
The better stuff, such as a selection of PCI graphics cards and 100-Base-Tx network cards are being kept as spare parts by the magazine. Which is a pity because I might’ve actually got some money for those…
Update: The auction has now ended. The parts only sold for the minimum bid price, but, at least they sold.

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