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New eMule out

Update: 0.44d is now out. It fixes a bug for Windows 98 users. Users of other OSes don’t need to update.
There’s a new version of eMule out – version 0.44c. Mostly bugfixes and a some visual alterations. If you want to guarantee to have a huge queue of people downloading from you for the next few days, download it and put it in your shared files folder. Of the 158 in my queue the vast majority want this file. Here’s the ed2k download link.
incidentally if you’re still using KaZaA, especially KaZaA Lite (which doesn’t include the improved hashing system in KZ 2.6), you may want to give eMule a try as its eDonkey2000 network recently overtook KaZaA’s FastTrack network as the most widely used P2P system (not including BitTorrent). Shareaza, the program I use, is also worth a try as in addition to eDonkey2000 support it also connects to Gnutella and G2 and can act as a BitTorrent client. Both are open source.

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