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One of my favourite finds on UKNova so far has been the first two episodes of “Hippies”, a sitcom that was broadcast on BBC2 back in 1999. It didn’t get much critical acclaim and only one series was ever produced, and I don’t think it ever came out on DVD. It won’t have you rolling around on the flaw with laughter but it’s certainly funny and it was great to see it again after all these years. One its stars is Simon Pegg, who played Shaun in the spoof film Shaun of the Dead earlier this year, and it’s written by the guys responsible for Black Books, Big Train, Brass Eye and Father Ted.

Thankfully it looks like Hippies is being repeated on a cable channel somewhere and someone has thoughtfully created XVid rips and made them available as torrents. So far only the first two episodes are up but I’m sure the 4 remaining ones will come.

This is why we need the BBC Creative Archive. Stuff like this which never gets repeated or released on video/DVD just gets lost, so it would be nice to have it made publicly available so that the British public who paid for it can actually see it.

Update: The series was released in 2008, and is available from Amazon for about £5.


  1. I would love to obtain HIPPIES on DVD….any idea how I could do this?

  2. I too would love to get hold of a copy of ‘Hippies’, please let me know if anyone can do this…..