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What’s in my gadget bag?

What's in my gadget bag Thanks to a rather extreme use of Flickr’s note feature, you can now see what is in my gadget bag. And yes, I do really carry all that around with me, usually along with a USB mouse, power adaptors and a length of cat5 cable, however I was using those at the time hence the reason why they’re not in there.
So, what’s on your gadget bag?
While I’m on the subject of Flickr, I’ve uploaded several other photos that I had lying around. Some of them are quite old (18 months or so) but some are quite recent.


  1. The only long-term contents of my gadget bag are a tripod and a broken watch – I promise I’ll get a new battery sometime soon. The rest depends on the job in hand, though I’m beginning to think a copy of Knoppix in my wallet would indeed be usefull.

  2. Bag

    Honestly, I don’t copy absolutely everything Neil does in his blog… it’s just that he’s constantly finding really cool things to blog about. And now he’s run across a truly inspired meme: what’s in your gadget bag? (which reminds me…

  3. This is just a test comment.