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Experimenting with FeedBurner

Since all the cool people are now enhancing their feeds by using FeedBurner, I thought I’d create one – pop this into your aggregator to try it. It’s main advantage for you over the regular feed is that it includes my Flickr photostream, to which I added 4 recent photos to this evening. As with all photostreams, this is available as a separate feed.
I’m not inflicting this on current subscribers and the ‘normal’ feeds that I publish aren’t about to go away any time soon, but since a lot of people have started using the service I wanted to see what all the fun was about.
While on the subject of feeds, if you use Firefox and Bloglines, you may find the LiveLines extension useful. It reconfigures the Livemark icon in the bottom right so that it can add feeds to your Bloglines account instead of as a new Live Bookmark in Firefox. It also works with Sage, or can simply be used to copy the URL of the feed for pasting into your favourite aggregator.

One Comment

  1. Feedburner service allows bloggers to add Amazon associates links to your feeds!

    If you’re hoping to make some extra cash from your blog, but all of your monetized links are in your sidebars or headers, etc, then you’re losing out when people view your blog from feed readers. Not so if you