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Selling out

You may have noticed that adverts have magically appeared on some of the pages on this site. I’ve thought long and hard about advertising and have decided to join Google’s AdSense programme to earn a bit of extra income.

I have deliberately chosen AdSense because the adverts aren’t annoying and can, to some extent, match in with the site’s look – indeed I’ve customised the colours to match in with the site’s colour scheme so that they don’t distract too much.


  1. I didn’t sell out, Son, I bought in. Keep that in mind.
    – Stevo’s dad in SLC Punk!

  2. Adsens? Really? Good luck making money!
    *hides his adblock plugin *

  3. A guy at work says he makes about £100/month on it, and it is rather tempting to “sellout” if only to cover hosting costs.
    /hides behind Ben & adblock extension 😉

  4. I like to think it adds a little corporate professionalism to the party.