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New IrfanView

This is a bit late, since it was actually released over 2 weeks ago, but IrfanView is now up to version 3.95. I know quite a few of you use IrfanView and may not be aware of the update.
Probably the biggest new feature is improved image rotation – whereas previously you could only rotate images by 90 degrees, you can now rotate them by specifying a custom angle, like 22.5 degrees. There’s also the usual bug fixes.
For those who don’t know, IrfanView is a great image viewer which also lets you crop, resize and perform basic touch-up options on images. It supports just about every image format under the sun, along with various text, video and audio formats too. It’s freeware (for private, non-commercial use) though donations are welcome.

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  1. New Version of IrfanView is out

    One of my favorite image viewers, Irfanview, has released a new version a few weeks ago. It is a great free program that can do many basic manipulations to your images, like crop and resize. I use it many times when I do not want to open up Paint Shop …