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Day 2

It’s been over 24 hours since Firefox 1.0 landed, and it’s already been downloaded over 1 million times. Naturally I’ve already upgraded, as well as upgrading my copy of Portable Firefox at university which has been updated to use version 1.0 code.

It’s great to see all the media coverage – CNet has had several articles over the past couple of days and it even made BBC News and The Guardian’s Leader Comment (darn me for not buying the Guardian yesterday…). The reaction from bloggers has been equally great and I’d certainly say that a majority of the people on my blogroll said something positive about Firefox yesterday. That may of course say something about who I read, but if it’s a trend then that amounts to some serious grassroots support.

For me it was an exciting day – I felt like a teacher who had taught a student all the way through school, all the time thinking he’d make it big, and then finally seeing that come true. I started using Phoenix 2 years ago and bar a brief period during the 0.5 phase (when the browser was annoying to use due to crashing caused by a bug in autocomplete) I’ve stuck with it ever since, during which time it’s turned in from a somewhat hotch-potch fork of Mozilla into a work of art that sets the standard. It’s been great to see just how many other people have seen the light during that time too, and refreshing to have a product that has picked up fans by simply being good and not through expensive advertising campaigns or dirty tricks.

Of course, this isn’t the end of all. Going back to my analogy the browser has left school and doing well in the big wide world, but now it needs to keep it up by constantly being better than the rest. Firefox outshines the competition but it is not perfect – it could do with being a bit faster and could perhaps do with a few more innovative features.

So, while now’s the time to celebrate the success of 1.0, in the not too distant future we’ve got 1.1 to look forward to.


  1. Did you tune into Air Mozilla? I’m not sure what to say about it, it was just so…weird. Tuned in to expect a big party but instead all the speakers sounded paralyzed with fear. Haha cute really.
    Well apart from this one guy (can’t remember who it was) who sounded stoned.
    Asa compared the irc chat during the show and i missed out on a free tshirt because, well i didn’t know the answer to any of the competition questions. Shame on me.

  2. Me again, sorry i’m a trifle bored.
    Have you considered creating a Neil’s World firefox theme? Now would be a good time.
    I started one of my own, but got impatient with myself after just the back, forward, refresh and stop icons.
    Anyway, just to compare notes. I started using “it” on and off when it first became known as firebird. But I only went full time around 0.7 (or it might have been a nightly half way through the 0.6 cycle, can’t quite remember)
    It became bit of an obsession actually, almost every day checking mozillazine to read up whether there were any great new features in that days build.
    In fact i’m probably going to carry on like still. Going to everyday to see if there is a new release of thunderbird or sunbird.
    BTW, have you found 0.9 of thunderbird to be less stable than 0.8? I’m a bit miffed ‘cos i love the new group by feature. Really don’t want to have to create a new profile from scratch.

  3. Actually I’ve had no problems with TB 0.9 – seems to work fine for me.
    Try using Mozilla Backup (if you’re on Windows) to export your email and stuff, then create a new profile and import your stuff back.

  4. Ваша жизнь измениться к лучшему!

    Ist das schon so lange her mit dem Phoenix 0.X, Neil hat wohl ähnliche Erfahrungen wie ich gemacht, an diesen Autocomplete Bug kann ich mich auch noch erinnern. Allerdings habe ich nicht versucht 2 Jahre die Leute von der Überlegenheit meines Browse…

  5. Now I’ve Got A Good Template!

    Thanks to Neil’s Weblog Templates for the awesome template I’ve switched to! No more default WordPress template for me!
    He’s got a good Mozilla Category going at his site as well…pretty cool! He’s got some good comments about the 1 million dow…