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  1. Ooohhh! Ahhh! And so forth.

  2. Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Released

    The day has come. Download your copy today.
    Want to see something cool? Looks like Google and the Mozilla Foundation are cooperating on something.

  3. but you can’t get it as the server is swamped. It wasn’t available when I checked first thing this morning 🙁

  4. Firefox 1.0 Released

    Naturally. I only downloaded the preview yesterday, and now I get to download it all over again. (I’m on dial-up so I can get away with a little whinging. ;-)) Great news, though. One fabulous (and I suppose new) Firefox…

  5. Firefox 1.0 is out

    Firefox 1.0 is out as Neil says, but you will probably find that the main servers are swamped. However I found by clicking a link on a feedster search for firefox I was able to find a link where someone…

  6. Firefox turns gold

    Firefox 1.0 was just released a just hours ago. Because of the heavy traffic, I cannot access of release note yet. So I can’t tell what the new changes are. But from what I observed, there is no obvious change from 1.0RC2.
    The news is now spreadin…

  7. Must be seriously popular. I downloaded it first thing this morning (well about 0930GMT). I deleted my profile and firefox dir but I am regretting doing that now, is totally swamped. All i’ve managed to get from the site all day is the extensions main page…without any CSS.
    I need IE View 🙁 also seems pretty much unusable today.

  8. I used a torrent which I found on the SCARLET Belgium FTP Server

  9. The Firefox affaire (or “how to dump the Mozilla suite”)

    As a Mozilla enthusiast, I have to criticise a bit the FireFox affaire. Let’s start in this way. I have always used Mozilla. As a Netscape fan, it wasn’t a problem for me to switch to Mozilla. Since the latest…

  10. Did you see the Guardian’s leader about Firefox on Tuesday?
    They have also published some follow-up letters.