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When standards don’t go far enough

I’ve just completed an assignment for one of my modules – an assessment of an online clothing store from an HCI perspective. Which, roughly translated into English, means you write about how easy it is to use.
I will make the whole thing available for you after the hand-in date, which is this Friday, but I found the site really interesting because it looked like the company had made an effort to make it more accessible and standards compliant, but had given up after the first few pages. Consequently, the home page and a few of the main sections worked fine in most browsing conditions, but drill down a bit, or attempt to buy something, and the process became very inaccessible (No Javascript? No biscuit for you.).
I think the introduction of DDA and the fact that most businesses have only just realised that this affects their web sites too means that this is probably not an isolated example.

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  1. Looking forward to your report, HCI is a very interesting area…
    Btw…what Blog software do you use?