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I’ve finally found a good BitTorrent site, in the form of UKNova [Hat tip: Ben]. You have to register to view their torrent list but if you’re into your British TV then you’ll love it. Yesterday I downloaded a comedy/documentary about the US elections written by and starring Rich Hall that I somehow missed, and today I’m downloading They Think It’s All Over from earlier in the week that I managed to miss. There’s masses off stuff on there with new shows being added every day.
It’s almost like some kind of massive distributed peer-to-peer TiVo-thing…


  1. Yup, i’ve been using uknova for a while now, they’ve been an absolute life-saver because i haven’t got sky+ and i hate having to watch a show at a certain time when i’m not in the mood.
    I also recommend for US shows and dare i say suprnova, though that site is more haphazard as the torrents come from any old place.

  2. I tend to hang around and

  3. Say, what bittorrent program do you recommnd?

  4. I’m currently using ABC (Another BitTorrent Client). I also have Shareaza which supports BitTorrent amongst other things but doesn’t always seem to work and is blocked by a few sites. Azureus is also quite popular.

  5. It’s worth checking out Phoenix Torrents too.

  6. Shouldn’t that suprnova link be The .com requires registration and is regarded as a scam by most people.
    And both uknova and uk-fileshare appear to be running the same software, both of whom also require registration – and regularly disable the bugmenot accounts.