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  1. Is this some joke from Google or from eBay? I’m for sale as well (at least I was when I just tried). Huh?

  2. They’re affiliate links, so presumably someone’s buying spots for odd terms and hoping that people will click on them so that they then get commission if a person wins an auction after following the link. I don’t think this is Google or eBay’s doing.

  3. You’re probably right, I don’t really see the point of it though. As far as I know Google removes any keywords if you don’t get sufficient click-throughs, so why all the effort for names? On the other hand, may be all the ego-surfers click to see what is offered for them? 😉

  4. LOL – I’d go with the ego surfers argument! 😀

  5. LOL That was hilarious, going to throw you off ego surfing for a while eh ? Must be a shock to see yourself for sale 😛

  6. I wanted to see if I was for sale, but it seems I’m not on eBay. That either means I’m too precious to sell, or there’s no demand. I’ll go with the latter.

  7. I believe if you spend a large enough amount with Google every month (as that affiliate company appears to do), you can have a special type of Adword which is dynamically created based on the search word. Something like “if wordlength