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Another spam solution

Brad Choate has ported a WordPress hack that prevents open proxies from commenting to Movable Type in the form of MT-DSBL. It checks the IP address used by the commenter against dsbl which maintains a list of open proxy servers. Open proxy servers are often used by spammers and flooders to get around standard IP blocking.
What will happen now is that if you use an open proxy server when making a comment, instead of the comment being posted you’ll be redirected to a page on explaining why your comment was denied. The plugin is really easy to install – nothing more than dropping one of two files into your MT Plugins folder. One version blocks all comments made via open proxies, the other will forcibly engage MT’s comment moderation.
And yes, it works fine with MT-Blacklist.

One Comment

  1. My ISP is a pathetic excuse for one, every minute my IP changes, one set ranges fron 213.42.2.* the other is 198…The 213 seems to be listed in the DSBL and I hope not many people employ the blocking plugin as I will be locked out of commenting :S