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Trillian 3

Cerulean Studios have a sneak preview of what to expect in Trillian 3, the next version of the Trillian clients. Both the free and pro versions are getting updates, which include the following major new features:

  • Voice chat on AOL, Yahoo and MSN
  • Instant lookup of words in IM conversations on Wikipedia
  • Improved notification messages for all users
  • Tabbed message windows
  • New preferences window

The new Trillian Pro also adds:

  • Video chat on AOL, Yahoo and MSN
  • Support for severless messaging within your network using Rendezvous (will presumably work with iChat AV)
  • Better message history manager
  • Ability to rewind video during video chats

Looks pretty good and I’ll certainly be upgrading. I don’t really need voice and audio chat but the Rendezvous thing sounds cool. One other feature is that if you have an audio chat with another Trillian user it will use the open-source Speex codec, which offers higher sound quality than the codecs used by other clients.
There hasn’t been much improvement with regards to ICQ – the feature set for that network seems to be the same as current versions, although Basic users now get the ability to send SMS messages which was previously a pro-only feature. I’m not a big fan of ICQ – I’ve had an ICQ number for nearly 3 years now and I still can’t remember it – and its recent decline in popularity is perhaps not surprising.
There’s limited beta testing going on right now but a more widespread release is yet to come. Still, you can stay up to date with their blog which has the latest news.


  1. ICQ has two things going for it for me:
    1. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the amount of text in one message.
    2. I can send a message to someone off line and they’ll get it when they next sign in.

  2. I did use typekey! Why isn’t my message “pre-approved” like your note says? 🙂

  3. You need to be approved the first time you use TypeKey here 🙂 .

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  5. My Yahoo can’t seem to work. Any advice? Thanks