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FridayQ: Obscurity

Been a while since I did the FridayQ but this one looks interesting.

Share an obscure movie or show and tell use why we should watch it.

Never really seen that many obscure films – I tend to only watch those that are commercially released. I think “La Haine” was the most ‘obscure’ film I’ve seen recently, which was good. It’s in French so you have to put up with English subtitles but I enjoyed it, even if it can be a little violent at times.

Share an obscure band or musical talent and tell us why we should listen to it.

I did that yesterday. If you want to also get my current favourite song, which is less obscure but still somewhat less-than-trivial to get hold of, look for “Waiting” by K.O.T.A.

Share an obscure blog or web site and tell use why we should visit it.

There’s quite a few good blogs which don’t get much attention (but should do) but one of my perenial favourites is Kim’s Revolving Duck. She’s witty and makes even the most mundane aspects of her life interesting.

FQ 15 Minutes: There will one day be an event in your life so big that it will drag you out of obscurity and make your name known to the entire world. Speculate on what it will be that brings you your 15 minutes of fame!

Hmmmm. Possibly when I get to speak at some blogging convention.


  1. Ooh good FridayQ..
    1. Two entries here. First of all I’d suggest ‘Clerks’. Very natural, the acting is fantastic and it is sharply funny too. The funniest part, when it comes, nearly made my lungs burst through laughing. Secondly, the film ‘Ken Park’ – a very challenging film that shows a very dark side to suburban life, but also has some refreshing honesty about it. Both highly recommended.
    2. Hmm, depends how obscure we wish to get. 🙂 I’ll go for a band called ‘XPQ-21’, who create some beautiful ebm music and are becoming increasingly popular in cyber-goth circles.
    3. Well, I’m a big fan of ‘Postmodern Courtesan’, because she writes very well, and often – and isn’t afraid of tackling difficult subject matter. Always entertaining.
    Finally, my 15 minutes of fame – that’s a tough one. Probably when, following a madly successful business career I enter British politics and bring some sanity to the whole thing. 🙂

  2. Stop it, you’re making me blush!
    It seems that ‘comment preview’ deletes the text in the comment box, for some reason. :/
    However, RD may be on the front page of the local newspaper in a few weeks.

  3. Friday Q time

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