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The Ordinary People

If you have chance, try to get hold of a copy of “Wonderful Life” by Ordinary People feat. Tina Cousins. It’s a song I first heard a few years ago and had as an MP3, but was lost when my HD packed in on me a couple of months back.
The song is quite rare, having not really been released anywhere much – it appeared on a South African dance music compilation and that’s about it. Consequently it’s taken a while for me to find some way of downloading it again. It’s a cover of a song originally by Black but is in a very different style, and I really like it. You may too if dance music or electronica is your thing.
If the name Tina Cousins rings a bell it’s because she’s done a couple of singles with German eurodance outfit Sash! (“Mysterious Times” and “Just Around The Hill” ) and also released a solo album, which incidentally is quite good. She’s now signed to All Around The World and should have a new single called “Hymn” out sometime soon.
I’ve submitted the song to Bitzi so you can use your preferred file sharing client to download it – here’s its ticket page. I’d love to tell you where you could buy it but I haven’t found anywhere on the internet selling it.

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