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Markdown Enabled

You can now use John Gruber’s Markdown syntax in comments, as opposed to HTML. The advantage, at least to me, of supporting Markdown is that it generates valid XHTML – not all commenters abide by that. I’m still supporting basic HTML for those who prefer it though.
Since John’s explanation of the Markdown syntax is very long and wordy, I’ve created this page with a brief guide to common structures. Admittedly it’s mostly stolen from Jay Allen but I don’t think he’ll mind. The guide is linked from the comments pages.

One Comment

  1. This is all very interesting as I use a (very simple) XHTML pre-processor of sorts I hacked together in 20 minutes to maintain a website. I’m not sure Markdown will compare to using pure XHTML with a few convenience substitutions but it certainly seems likely to prove useful for blogs and boards, if not for allowing easy maintainance of websites for non-technical users.