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An email

This was sent to me in an email:

shut up u anti-american morally corrupt winy liberal dumbass, the americam ppl have spoken and they voted bush, u guys are just bitter cos u lost. kerry is a loser, long live bush

I’d make some witty comment about that but I don’t really think I need to – it’s hilarious enough as it is. Still, I’m quite impressed that someone actually took the time to tell me that.


  1. do all americans say the same thing?

  2. Do all Brits like terrible food and have bad teeth?
    Just kidding. Don’t judge us by the loud and uneducated ones. Some of us can spell and use proper punctuation.
    But what do I know? I voted for Kerry. =)

  3. Not all americans feel as this ass does. I voted for Kerry and weep for the future. I wish I could move back to the UK and relive my glory days of 2000.

  4. So sorry for appearently 53% of my fellow Americans who, by the evidence of the email in the post, are both hateful and deeply ignorant. I did my duty and vote for Kerry, sorry for the hate that will be done. If it makes you feel any better, much of the damage from the election will be done right here in the U.S.

  5. This is truly funny. Some Americans like me can laugh at themselves. While humorous, it is definitely not as funny as The Guardian article you posted, “Dear limey assholes.”

  6. i cried when i saw kerry’s concession. personally, i don’t think that 51% should be enough to get that idiot back in office.

  7. I don’t like generalizing, but I see a lot of Bush voters that can’t take people joking about Bush. Is it only me?