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Watching the elections

Students watching the election I’m rather bleary-eyed this morning after staying up beyond 4am UK time watching the US elections on BBC1 – I left after the Congress result was called. The student union kept the bar open (serving non-alcoholic drinks) long into the wee-small hours and a surprising number of students turned up to watch the results being announced. The photo on the right was taken about 1am.
Checking this morning, I’m a little peeved that 4 states have, at time of writing, yet to call, but at least this is because of higher-than-expected turnout which means that the result should be more indicative of what the American people truly want. Also, I’m peeved that Bush seems to be winning but then I would say that. But it’s not the final result so we’ll see what happens.
Update: Kerry took Wisconsin. That’s reassuring. Now, Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa would be nice 🙂


  1. I’ve been wathcing it like a hawk as well. I even stayed home from school to watch CNN coverage.
    And yes, I’m very angry about ‘Satan Bush’ getting the votes he did. Yet, there is still hope…
    At least, I hope.

  2. Neil and Ben, it’s clear that the majority of Americans have spoken. You’re hanging on to a sliver of hope since it’s not mathematically likely that Kerry will win the majority of provisional and absentee ballots still uncounted. For example, in the state of Ohio, Bush won that state by 134,019. There are approximately 135,000 provisional and/or absentee ballots uncounted. Kerry would have to win 99.3% or 134,020 of those to claim Ohio and win the election. Again, face it. That’s not likely to happen. And to give you a perspective of absentee ballots from overseas, which is basically the military, Bush is expected to garner about 70% of the military votes.
    Kerry should concede. But honestly, I don’t expect him to do so. His character, demonstrated by over 35 years of BETRAYAL to the veterans with whom he served, dictates that he will look out ONLY for himself. I predict that he will not concede this election until at least November 12th, dragging our nation again through upheaval and disunity. Yes, the great “uniter” will demonstrate that he is and has been all along, a great “divider”. If Kerry wakes up and concedes before then, I will be proven wrong . . . wrong, that is about, the date, but not his character.

  3. 134,020

    The number of votes out of 135,000 provisional ballots in Ohio that Kerry would need to win to claim Ohio and win the election. That’s 99.3%. Hmmmmm. Let me see, I don’t think so.

  4. Well I did the wise thing and got to bed early. I checked the results first thing this morning, and then again just now – and they’ve still not finished counting!
    Though it is reassuring that the difference between them now is much smaller than at 6am. And although I know nothing about the US voting system, it looks to me like Kerry could still do it. Add that to all the irregularities, and the race definitely isn’t over yet.

  5. I had to force myself to go to bed, mainly because this election is just pissing me off.
    We’re in for some scary times.

  6. Sorry peeps, Kerry just conceded the election at 8:10 AM (Pacific Time) this morning. President George W. Bush, leader of the free world, will continue for four more years!!!!
    w00t w00t!!

  7. Kerry lost… there goes the world up in smoke.
    I wonder how hard it is to move to Canada…