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Something to look forward to

Well, here’s to 4 more years of

  • Erosion of civil liberties
  • Human rights abuses
  • A worsening economy
  • Wars with countries based on flawed intelligence
  • Environmental destruction
  • Deepening health crises
  • Political corruption
  • Dumbass laws in the name of ‘security’
  • Persuance of the Christian agenda over other religions/idealogies
  • International hostility

…to name a few.
More from Ben Hammersley, Dan Gillmor, Ryan Morse, Wil Wheaton and Daniel Glazman, plus The Beeb on how this affects Blair. BoingBoing is doing a good job aggregating opinion too.
I’m just glad I don’t live in America.


  1. Media, Liberals, and Democrats — You Are Out of Touch

    It is extremely clear with President Bush winning the majority in the popular vote as well that the majority of the American people have spoken. And they have spoken loudly!!

  2. Were glad you don’t live here in America too.

  3. Given the current situation in America, shouldn’t that be more like “30 more years”?

  4. Totally ACK, Neil.
    I tend to say that those dumb 50 Million people who voted another 4 years Bush just deserve it.
    If there wasn’t such a huge impact on the rest of the world like pollution, human rights and bombing for cheap SUV-gasoline…

  5. Being somewhat environmentalist, I’m extremely disappointed. Had the Democrats won, I would at least have had a little hope for work towards reducing CO2 emissions, but now that’s gone.
    Oh well, at least our children and grand-children will have a fun time swimming around in the Sea of Holland, scuba-diving in Venice Bay and take a sunbath on the South Pole.

  6. We can’t stop now

    As I was telling my friend Andrew B, I got apprehensive last night when even Edwards couldn’t help Kerry pick up any of the Southern states. I checked around most of the blogs (not sponsored by media) that I read…

  7. If i was an american i would strictly be a democrate voter. By this year, i would be extremely angry at the democrate party (do you call them a party? lol) for offering such a mediocre candidate, they only have themselves to blame. I’m pretty sure most americans were looking for an alternative to bush, but kerry simply didn’t feel electable, he lacks passion, hell he doesn’t even look the least bit bothered at having lost. Democrates have been seriously short changed.
    Maybe the democrates are pecieved as having old leftist values that aren’t applicable in a modern world, i’m not sure. If so, they should take a leaf out of our labour party’s book, the labour party relaunched themselves as a centre-right party, a middle ground by all accounts and we all know what happened next.

  8. Grateful Disappointment

    I’m grateful that I live in a country where I get to vote. I’m grateful that I “know” the outcome of the election the next day (instead of the next month) without waiting though litigation and court decisions. I’m grateful…

  9. The Americans voted him in, but we, the rest of the world, have to suffer.

  10. Bush: ‘America has spoken’

    BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) — President Bush declared victory in his race for re-election Wednesday, telling his cheering supporters that “America has spoken.” “America has spoken, and I’m humbled by the trust and the confidence of my fellow citizens,…

  11. After the tragedy

    from Mirror, via Alas, a Blog The tragedy for me was Bush re-election. I’m not American but I read some blogs from Americans and I have some online buddies that live in US and I’m very sad for them. I still thinking about why, he won and I still can’t…