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Desktop Show and Tell

My Desktop This is cool – Post a screenshot of your desktop to Flickr and tag it with ‘desktopshowandtell’. Here’s mine, and yes, I do like Fraggle Rock.
incidentally my desktop seems to be one of the tidiest of the lot, since I don’t tend to keep many shortuts or documents on my desktop.


  1. Oh great, just after Windows XP has decided to delete my wallpaper!

  2. Ooh where can I get that desktop? It rocks. 🙂

  3. Desktop Show And Tell

    Nice Flickr fun for this depressing Wednesday morning. Take a screenshot and upload it to Flickr. Make sure you tag…

  4. Cool. Your desktop looks awesome.

  5. Desktop Show and Tell

    via Neil I have posted my work desktop: I will get my home and laptop’s desktops on here as soon as I can….

  6. Thanks for that. I’ll upload the link to my blogs when I get round to it! 😀

  7. Links: November 9, 2004

    Time to clear out the Safari bookmarks bar once more.