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A Foxy Prospect

This is good news. As of January, all the computers in the School of Informatics here at Bradford will have Mozilla Firefox installed under Windows. 🙂
The Linux machines all have Mozilla 1.7.3 (as well as Konqueror) and the tech staff seem to be a little reluctant to install Firefox as well. But it’s a start.
incidentally, this required no campaigning on my part. Still, it would be nice to have it rolled out across the rest of the university next.


  1. Imagine, they may just find less spyware/adware if they use Firefox and not Internet Exploder. What a concept!

  2. Yay! But January—that’s ages away. It’s good though.
    Firefox on the Red Hat partitions would be good (Debian on the Red Hat partitions would be better), but it’s not entirely necessary as it easily installs to one’s userland with the pretty GTK2 installer. It would be good to have Firefox installed to the Linux partitions&#8212for the less techincally inclined students (i.e. the ones who aren’t likely to install their own browsers, editors or window managers).