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Silktide Sitescore

Via Redemption in a Blog is Silktide Sitescore, an automated tool which tells you how good your site is in terms of design, accessibility and popularity. Redemption in a Blog got a score of 9.2 out of 10, putting it in the top 10 of all sites, so I had a go myself.
This site got 9.4, which puts it in 4th place! That means I’m only behind the BBC and W3C. Pretty darn cool.
Scrapie doesn’t do too badly either, getting 9.1. This is mostly down to its lower popularity on Google – not so many sites link to it as to mine. Still, it scores top marks for accessibility, even if I personally know of some enhancements that could be made.
So how do your sites score?


  1. I think the evaluating site is biased in favor of Brit sites because received a much lower score than yours. And I am positive that his site receives more hits than this one – no offense.
    SiteScore for http://www.wilwheaton.netWeb address
    This report tested 5 pages of (SiteScore v1.5.2).
    Marketing How well marketed, and popular the website is. 3.1
    Design How well designed and built the website is. 2.9
    Accessibility How accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities. 0.5
    Experience How satisfying the website is likely to be. 1.1
    User rating Average user rating for this site’s design (website needs more votes) No votes
    (Vote for this site)
    Overall Summary score for this website. 2.2

  2. Silktide SiteScore

    Silktide SiteScore is a fascinating little web application that reports on how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. Having analysed a website it returns a score out of 10 as well as a detailed report on its findings. This re…

  3. For some reason it seems to have problems with relative links: It just ignores my subdirectories and then complains that it gets 404s. That makes it pretty useless for me.

  4. I scored a fairly-respectable 8.3, but when you look at the breakdown it’s even more encouraging:
    Marketing 5.8
    Design 9.9
    Accessibility 10.0
    Experience 9.9
    The low marketing score is mostly down to the fact that I don’t allow Google to index anything except my front page and a select few of my weblog entries, and I don’t really care about that result. But the design, accessiblity and experience ratings are pretty good! 🙂

  5. Hmmm… I got an extremely low score, stating that my site is illegal in the UK. I will have to fix some problems it seems.

  6. Well, although the developers/operators (James and Oliver) of SiteScore have visited my blog (see here) I still can’t totally explain the rating mechanisms involved, but one thing’s for sure: the accessibility rating is based on basically one thing: if your site validates as (x)html you’ve got more than a good chance to get a 10.0 in that department.
    Another thing is for sure, too: if your blog/site is relatively new and hence not totally indexed by major search engines and not linked to by many outside sources your chances are slim to get a high ranking in the marketing section – this is the case with my blog, too (I only scored a 5.7 in that section)…

  7. Mike: making sure your page validates is a good start 🙂 . You’ve got 255 errors right now. I think that’s mostly caused by the advertising though.

  8. Dammit, that’s a timely link. Just before my back went I’d been really settling down to learn css with a view to revamping the site, particularly to make it more accessible. I’m hanging my head in shame now.
    Right, where are my notes…

  9. Statistics are fun

    Thanks to his royal pimpness Neil, I found this nifty site ranking thingy. It scans your site, prods it with mythical toothpicks and marital aids best not described, and then ranks it accordingly. It’s all very nude, oiled up and scientific. Really.

  10. It cant seem to cope with my site:
    Wont deal with my cheapo domain name registration on a framed redirect, and wont deal with the fact the actual site is in a subfolder.
    It gave me 6.1 overall as it couldnt locate a lot of pages, and says I am in violation of the dda.
    Must try it agin when i move my domain name to somewhere i can point dns.

  11. Haha that is great fun. It marked me down for excessive profanity. Fucking Marvellous. 🙂

  12. Well, I since I am working on a newer version of the site, I am going to wait until I have it all converted over. I am hoping to have at least the redesign and posts moved over by the end of this weekend. Then I can see what they say about my site. I have fixed all of the XHTML errors and I am validating properly.

  13. My site didn’t score so well, but since I’m using one of your MT templates, Neil, I blame you! 🙂
    Just kidding. I’ve done a lot of hacking to that template. ^_^

  14. Well I managed to get 8.2 which I found pretty surprising (well too good). I got full marks in accessibility but since I have stopped Google indexing my site, the marketing score came in low. I feel motivated to get my site validated now.

  15. Ooh this is fun!
    Check with that and you’ll get “This website appears to be in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act”. Has anybody seen a website pass that one yet?
    Check and it will complain about the lack of a form. Since when has it become good design to force people to sign up just to watch a video?
    Check my latest project ( and it tells you it’s exceptionally popular (approx #648 in the world) but it’s not on Google – hmm, can I take over the world with a little marketing and a link from Google?

  16. Richard – I think I got top marks for accessibility. In reality, it merely checks if your site validates, which isn’t really a good way – it’s perfectly possible to have a fully-valid page that’s totally inaccessible to anyone not fully-sighted.

  17. My Silktide SiteScore is 8.7

    Well, I finally had a chance to get my score to a decent level on Silktide. I had some errors I had to fix, but I would agree on the score I have now. Found via Neil…

  18. I work for the Silktide team that wrote SiteScore – thanks for all the feedback guys!
    We’ve been trawling the blogs for comments and have just implemented a number of changes which should help some of your various problems.
    Also by way of explanation – we had some major server problems a few days back due to a stunning increase in traffic (>2000% in a day) which knocked a lot of things out, including the DDA tests. If you try them now everything should be hunky dory.
    Thanks again for the (mostly) positive response!