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iTunes 4.7

My new favourite media player has been updated. The update mostly adds support for the new iPod Photo (if they ever do a Mini version of that I’d so want one), but will also let search for duplicate songs (go to Edit, Show Duplicate Songs), get notifications when new music by your favourite artists arrives in the iTunes music store (good business tactic) and will now let Windows users minimise the iTunes main window to the notification area. Trust me, this is probably the one big thing that bugged me about iTunes and I’m very glad Apple have fixed it. To turn it on, go to Edit, Preferences, Advanced tab, ‘Minimise iTunes to System Tray’.
incidentally, Apple have got it wrong. It is not the ‘system tray’, it is, as Raymond Chen explains, the ‘notification area’. Even though ‘system tray’ is what most people call it.


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