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Since Monday, has been blocking any requests to access it from outside the US. If you’re on a US ISP, you can view it, but anyone else gets this access denied message. BBC News Online has some coverage on it and possible explanations.
The page is still in Google’s cache, although the images won’t work. Update: Thanks to Richard and David in the comments, you can still use or the IP address to access it. Great blocking there.
I suppose judging by some of the isolationist responses by ‘outraged’ republicans to the Guardian’s Operation Clark County campaign, this isn’t surprising.
Update: More from Boing Boing and The Register.


  1. Bush website blocked

    I know very few of you are going to want to actually look at the George Bush website, but non-US readers are banned from reading it. Don’t believe me? Just “try it”: Of course they’ve made an awfull mistake in doing this. …

  2. As mentioned on Boing Boing, going to the site’s IP address gets around the block, as does going to Shoddy bit of “blocking” that!

  3. More of the same from this group of clowns. I just hope after next week they can start packing.
    Oh, and Neil DNS still isn’t updated for me (?) but I can access you by proxy server. Oh well… 😛

  4. I don’t believe the site was not blocked for Canadian visitors.

  5. Friday update : both the IP address and the https reference don’t work from here in Switzerland
    The ping for the www site refers to akamai
    They seem determined …