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Miscellaneous Updates

I’ve spent part of the evening performing some miscellaneous tweaks to the templates. Here’s an overview of what’s changed:

  • Since upgrading to Movable Type 3.12, I’m aware of there being a Perl error shown when a comment is moderated. I’ve now tried to hide this with a HTML comment tag as it’s nothing to get worried about – everything seems to work fine regardless. I have a feeling this is down to an incompatibility with MT-Blacklist. Thanks anyway to the 4 or 5 people who have reported this over the past week.
  • The comment RSS feeds are now auto-discoverable on the individual entry pages, as are the category feeds on the category pages. I’ve also given them more meaningful titles to help users of Firefox who may want to add the feeds as Live Bookmarks.
  • I’ve started to modify some of the links which point to non-HTML documents to include type="" attributes. It’s in the HTML 4.01 specification (and presumably XHTML 1.0 too) and can be used to alert the user agent that the content of the linked document may be something other than a web page, such as an RSS feed or a PDF document. I have browsers like Lynx and text-to-speech browsers in mind here.
  • The RSS feed for Smaller World now includes <comments> tags so that you can view the comments attached to an article. Bloglines and most good aggregators support it. incidentally the main feed for the site also includes <wfw:commentRSS> tags for each item to point out the comments RSS feeds – quite what use this is I don’t know but I thought I’d stick it in anyway.

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