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    “This detection is for a “potentially unwanted application”, it is not a virus or trojan.
    Nmap is a very efficient tool for gathering security information. It is an advanced portscanner that allow users to retrieve details about the OS or applications the target is running.
    As such this tool is used by security experts to enhance their network security. However, it can also be used with malicious intent by hackers to target attacks on remote systems.”
    You can disable the detection of potentially unwanted applications.

  2. hi i think your websites reay good and people speak there mind on it,
    but im just wondering if you would know the answer of this
    we had many virus problems before and
    we installed
    and adaware
    they appear to work
    but if we visit some websites a message comes up saying
    Avg and adaware are a known threat do you want help getting rid of them,
    are they a threat?
    should i get rid of them?
    your help would be so appreciated,