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Go go gadget spam attack

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a major comment spam attack from a host of domains that weren’t on the blacklist. Some were legitimate but others were pure garbage – non-existant domains with seemingly random URLs. I’m wondering whether it’s an attempt to poison the blacklist, or to set ‘markers’ to show if the blog is vunerable and therefor allow for further attacks. MT-Blacklist caught some of them, because they had too many URLs or were posted to very old entries, but others only escaped from appearing on the public side due to my forced moderation of non-TypeKey comments.
I’m always getting hit by spam, at the moment from various subdomains of, but MT-Blacklist has been silently blocking these and the first I hear about them is when an item appears in the blacklist log. This is the first time anything has foxed MTB.


  1. Yep I’ve been hit as well, I’ve managed to notice that the majority of these spam attacks have originated from IP Address: which I blocked. Its crude but its stopped the attacks, apparently the guy isn’t too smart!

  2. i too, have been hit hard lately. its insane.