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Intellectual Property Madness

It’s not my birthday for a while but when it is I’ll have to remember that “Happy Birthday” is a recently-registered trademark in 25 countries (including Japan, US and EU countries) and that the “Happy Birthday To You” song is copyrighted until 2030.
Later this semester I’ll be writing an essay on intellectual property for my social, professional and technical issues module and I’m doing so initial background research right now. The way it’s going I could well write several essay’s worth of content.


  1. Yep. As a matter of fact it came as a breaking news in Italy some time ago when a famous Italian band was denied to release a song which included a sort of funny remake of the Italian version of happy birthday. Conclusion: the song happened to be one of the most downloaded hits from P2P. Don’t remember who said: “Ice cream is so good that it should be forbidden” 🙂

  2. And you know they did to honor the memory of the sisters who wrote the original tune to Happy Birthday to You?
    They dedicated a parking lot.