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I’m a ‘closet iPod user’

Wired News has an article about ‘closet’ iPod users – iPod owners who choose not to use the provided white earbuds and instead use another pair of headphones. It states a number of reasons why, such as better sound quality, not wanting to look like a walking billboard or greater individuality.
Indeed, I personally choose not to wear the iPod headphones, for two reasons:

  1. Safety. By wearing them, you’re saying “hey, I’ve got nearly £200 of desirable kit in my pocket”. I’m slightly worried that someone’s going to point a sharp instrument at me and ask me to hand it over.
  2. The earbuds don’t actually stay in my ears. It’s a problem with all earbuds – they fall out too easily and I’m forever putting them back in.

Instead I have some cheap fixed-frame headphones from Tesco which, while not having such good sound quality, are comfortable and stay on even when running. It’s not that I don’t like Apple’s own earbuds, it’s just that they’re not very practical for me.
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  1. i too, am a ‘closet ipod user’ as well then, given the description.
    i bought the in-ear apple headphones, and found out that i should not have done that. they are not as comfortable as a cheaper paid of Sony in ear headphones. so that is what i use now, that or my pair of Sony wrap arounds, whichever i end up grabbing before i leave my apartment.

  2. I much prefer the in-ear phones over the stock earbuds, much more comfortable and I dont really have much problems with safety, I’m 6’4″ and weigh 225lbs, if someone wants my iPod, they wont get it easy