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Not the best way to launch a product

As Adam and Chris have noted, a company called D2Soft technologies decided to launch its potentially interesting new site by scraping email addresses from feeds and spamming them. In my case, the email address used in my feeds is different to the address I have on this site so it’s almost certainly been scraped.
Sorry guys, but if you’re going to launch a product, spamming is not the way about it. Publishing an RSS feed is not an indication that I want to opt-in to RSS-related spam. Many people, myself included, refuse to support the spam business model, and as such you’ve probably lost a whole raft of customers before you’ve even got started properly.


  1. Yeah, I got that email too. It’s a real shame that they’re advertising it in that way; as you say, it seems potentially ineresting. But I’m not going to support them because I don’t want to give the impression that spam is good. It’s not, it’s evil.
    I’m guessing it’s based on the idea, although it doesn’t do quite the same thing.

  2. Spammers == == spammer I guess this is a sign that a marketplace for services is arriving, but when I get “signs” by being smacked in the face, I’m not very happy about it.

  3. this happened to me as well. now i must post about it. bastards.

  4. Hello,
    I’m Benjamin Berube from D2Soft Technologies. We made a mistake. We wanted, maybe too fast, to talk about our service to many RSS webmasters. Yes, we didn’t write personalized messages to each webmaster. Yet, we sent only the message to webmasters we knew had RSS feeds. We really think our service can help out the bandwidth problem and we never intended to be spammers. If we were spammers, we would have used fake emails addresses, and I wouldn’t take the time to write in this blog today.
    To answer one of the comments, no, it’s not based on idea. It’s not based on any other companies’ ideas. It’s our very own and unique solution, we are the first to do it. Thanks for letting me correct this.
    Again, thanks for your time.

  5. Would Pop-ups be spamming? how do thay work?