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The weekend ahead

Tomorrow night I’m eschewing my usual plan of rolling up at the FND and instead travelling down with a friend of mine from university to meet up with a third university friend in London and go out there. Quite where in London we’re going to I don’t know but I do know it’s not in central London and I have been assured a free ticket for it.
If that wasn’t complicated enough, then it’s worth noting that friend #2 is a wheelchair user and I’ll be chaperoning him on the train both there and back. Although I have been on a few nights out with him I’ve never been on public transport with him, never mind a long-distance journey like this one, so it’ll no doubt serve as an eye-opening experience. Already, unlike able-bodied passengers, it was necessary to notify the train companies in advance – admittedly this also means we will receive additional assistance at stations but it’s not as if you can turn up and walk onto a train like I can normally.
I’ll let you know how I get on. Hopefully it’ll be a good night. I’ll be back in Bradford on Saturday afternoon.

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