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Interview with Ben Goodger

10 years ago, Netscape Communications released the first version of Netscape Navigator, which at the time was the most advanced and user-friendly browser available. It’s fitting then that 10 years on, CNet has an interview with Firefox developer Ben Goodger, as I’d argue that Firefox is, right now, the most advanced and user-friendly browser available, and one that can trace its routes all the way back to Navigator all those years ago.
The interview is very interesting and offers a good insight into the development of the browser. While Firefox is an ancestor of Navigator, it has come on a long way and the article explains some of the changes that were made along the way, including the introduction of Gecko.
Yesterday I was in a group meeting for one of the two group projects I have to do this semester, and one of the other group members was telling me how she thought Firefox rocked. It’s great to be able to talk to “real people” – not computer geeks – who have downloaded Firefox themselves and found it to be much better than IE.

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