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Apple eMac G5?

Engadget is reporting that an Apple eMac G5 may be on the horizon. eMacs still use G4 processors whereas Apple’s other desktop machines – the iMac and the PowerMac – both have G5s. Quite what it will look like remains to be seen.
The current eMac G4 currently sells for a little over £500 for students (or £550 for normal people) and includes a 40GB HD, DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 32MB ATi graphics and 256MB of RAM, along with a 17″ screen. If Apple create a better machine and sell it for a similar price, I’d certainly consider it. Unfortunately, ‘consider’ may be the operative word here as there really isn’t enough space in my room for another computer. I could get an iBook but they’re quite a bit more expensive, unfortunately.
And yes, my iPod Mini is corrupting my mind with pro-Appleness. But then if using OS X is like using an iPod then I’m sold.


  1. Well, if you want, you can send me one of the computers in your room so you can get your eMac. =)
    By the way, there is nothing wrong with being Pro-Apple, so long as you aren’t a fanboy*.
    *read as: Apple zealot, close minded wanker.

  2. So the specs would be? Emac 1.6 Ghz g-5,n-vidia 64 megs vram,80 gig sata hd,17″ flat screen crt,256 megs ram,code name: ginger two inches narrower and one inch short in case design.Sounds very sexy…Indeed.Leave it to apple.They are the only ones leading the industry as always.With our leader steve jobs & team.Apples stock ism doing very well and there doesnt seem to be a low in the future.Quite the contrary.Best regards,gilbert

  3. The iMac G5 made a splash, can’t wait to see what the eMac G5 will look like!!! I love my macs, especially for their looks!
    P.S Long live the iPod! It made the world go crazy! Now the iPod photo is out, i guess the next iPod will have an integrated camera huh?