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Up Again

This site temporarily disappeared off the face of the internet earlier on due to some problem at my host’s end (all sites on the same server had the problem). Seems to be fixed now.
Similarly, MSN Messenger was down this evening. It felt eerie having just one contact online at a normally busy time – especially when that contact was your housemate. Update: Speculative CNet article about the outage.


  1. It’s actually very interesting – I’ve been keeping an eye on various things (for various reasons 😉 ), and it looks like in the past 7 days, nearly 90% of the internet has had some sort of outage. I learnt of the MSN Messenger one today, the Paypal and Burstnet/Nocster one yesterday, the Managed/Servermatrix/Donhosts/Sagonet/Hostdime ones over the weekend.. And those are just major companies I can recall (and the ODP and DirectI being slow like hell…)
    [paranoia mode] The internet is on the verge of implosion. [/paranoia mode]

  2. I’ll start to worry when Google goes down 🙂 .

  3. Yeah. Some of the comments on Slashdot at the time were pretty funny. 🙂