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More dynamicity

As part of a series of new features that I’m hoping to roll out on my sideblog, I’ve switched the category archives to being built dynamically. Generating category archives seems to be a major bottleneck in MT so this should make rebuilds almost instantaneous. I may also do the same for the weekly archives but as they don’t put so much of a strain on MT it’s less of a priority.
The other big new feature that I’m contemplating is adding the ability to post comments and trackback pings to sideblog entries. I’ve had this idea for a while but I deliberately held off implementing it until dynamic templating had been introduced to MT. It wouldn’t be too hard to do but I don’t want to do it if no-one will use it.


  1. I would love comments/trackbacks on the sideblog. I read it more than I read your blog (which I read quite a bit). 😉

  2. Yeah, go for it Neil.

  3. Raffan sideblog

    As you might have noticed (the one-two of you outside there who are reading this mess of thoughts), I have added a Raffan sideblog on the sidebar. The idea of that comes as usual from my weblogging Muse, Neil Turner….