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A Phish Called Wanda

Got a phishing email claiming to be from Abbey which had this in:

If you have questions about your online statement,
please send us a Bank Mail or call us at 1-800-374-9700

Erm, whoops. Abbey is a UK-based bank and that’s an American phone number. Furthermore, according to Google, it’s the phone number for Citibank.
You’d think these phishers would be smart enough to remember to change the phone number, but, oh well.
Update: Just got what looks like the same email again, with the same number. Some people never learn…


  1. I got a really nasty phishing spam yesterday (my first ever, actually), and it took quite some time (hey, more than 30 seconds is a lot) for me to find out what was wrong, too.
    Basically, I got a mail “from”, which told me that my account was suspected of having been compromised. It then proceeded to give a link where users (i.e. me) should log in to “reactivate” their account or something akin to that. The URI shown in the mail is an eBay URL, but the actual href points to the phishing site, disguised into an eBay login replica.
    What basically put me on track was the fact that the URI supplied in the mail contained “…&UsingSSL=1”, yet the site didn’t give me my nice yellow location bar. Oh, and the fact that the mail actually wrote out the official eBay URI as an actual URI instead of some text like “Click here”.
    But I digress.
    Go Firefox! 😉

  2. There seem to be more and more of these going around. Worryingly, that would indicate that some people have been taken in by them…

  3. I had my first ever one, from “Citibank” the other day, with a URL to click to give some details.
    I didn’t bother, cos I realised it was a scam because I don’t have a Citibank account.
    I also don’t bank online, and I’ve never given my email address to a bank.