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The good news – the School of Informatics is replacing their Sun Solaris web server running a very out of date version of Apache 1.3 with a RedHat Linux server running a relatively recent version of Apache 2, along with PHP5 and MySQL. The space offered per student has also been increased from 2MB to 5MB (yay?), and a logs and cgi-bin folder are also provided.
The bad news – the URLs for the new server aren’t exactly intuitive. On the old server, my files were stored at – not the easiest address to remember but passable. Now, they’re at, with the port number being different for every student. Like anyone’s going to remember that?
Even more confusingly, I also have a JSP Tomcat account on another server which uses a different port number, again, unique for every student. Bizarre.
Still, at least the server has a hostname. Imagine if we had to remember URLs like ?


  1. 143.53.2829:59162
    Damn your eyes – I’ve wanted that address for years.

  2. isn’t that what things like snipurl and tinyurl are for (or for the real geek, create your own url redirect on your own domain neil!

  3. Tinyurl would translate it to – try remembering that. Plus you can’t ssh into Decent urls don’t always help anyway – I had somebody ask how to spell lordrich today.
    Actually I thought everybody could remember their ip addresses, maybe I just spent too long working without a fully operating dns server this summer.