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Taking full advantage

Being an iPod owner (and it is still working 🙂 ), I’ve come to like iTunes more and more. Sure, its loadup time and CPU usage do irk me somewhat, but I do like its interface and its iPod integration.
One thing I have noticed is the speed of importing files as AAC from audio CDs. Each song seems to rip in not much more than 10 seconds flat. Having looked in the options dialog, it appears that the encoder will take advantage of processor features like MMX and SSE2 – both of which my P4-based Celeron processor supports. It’s no wonder it’s so fast, but it is nice to know that Apple are actually tailoring their Windows applications to perform well.
The iPod Mini, like its bigger cousin, also supports Apple Lossless Encoder, and I actually ripped a few songs using that onto there today. I might use it a little more often as I’m struggling to fill the 4GB of space I have on there – how on earth I’d fill a 40GB iPod I have no idea. That said, I held a friend’s second generation iPod on Saturday and am very glad I went for the Mini as it’s so much smaller. I didn’t realise just how big the classic ones are – I’m used to the smaller Flash-based players and the Mini is one of the few players that can take the size of a Flash player and throw in the capacity of a HD player. I really do appreciate being able to slide the Mini into small pockets when walking with it.
By the way, an unrelated side note: I’m no longer involved with the writing of the Hacking Movable Type book that I mentioned a couple of months ago. I haven’t had the time or the creative energy to complete the chapters I was writing and loosing most of my work when the HD on my laptop failed set me back quite a bit too. However, from what I’ve seen the book looks really good and will be well worth buying when it does come out. Best of luck to my colleagues who are still frantically working on it.

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