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Dead iPod

My iPod Mini, which I only bought 6 weeks ago, has died already. It won’t turn on and won’t connect to the computer. It doesn’t even respond to a manual reset (when you hold play and menu down for 10 seconds). The battery was still half-charged at the time. Consequently, I’ve put in a service request. Hopefully someone at Apple will have some ideas but otherwise it’ll have to go back as a warranty return.
I really hope this is a one-off and that not all iPod Minis are like this.
Update: It lives! I plugged it into the mains adaptor and it started up with no problems. Weird. Still, good to have it working again 🙂


  1. Hope its quicker than toshiba for returns – one week feels an awful long time without a laptop.
    Its not a very good advert for apple is it.

  2. Aww that’s a pain. The classic way to cause iPods to go down is keeping a mobile phone in the same pocket. I have heard several tales of woe from folk who have done this.
    The other classics are leaving an iPod on top of a PC (near power supply or HD), or on top of a TV.
    Hope you get it fixed soon.

  3. my iPod mini won’t turn on, when it is plugged in it doesnt show that it is charging or doing anything and it wont show up on my computer. it had full battery life… WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?! i need my iPod, i live off my iPod!! can someone help me!

  4. My mini is dead too!. No signs of life whatsoever. Tried manual reset and of course AC adapter and USB charge. Can’t tell if just screen is dead or everything. It would be nice if there were an LED or beep as alternate feedback.

  5. Nevermind, I learned that manual reset is different than mentioned above (A: hold MENU and SELECT button for 10 sec) see
    Problem sol-ved!
    Thanks, DMS

  6. Hey man
    that one that had his ipod working after stopping to work
    what exactly have you done?
    did you leave it for some days
    or did you try to charge it for some days?
    or what exactly have you done before it pops up to work again?
    thanks in advance

  7. Thanks so much to the post above that said to hold the menu and select button for 10 seconds…. i was about to start crying because i thought i had lost my ipod 🙁 Thanks again … whenever i have a problem i type it into google and voila! it leads me to wonder blogs from people who share my pain… Thanks again !

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the “menu/select” pointer! I wanted to cry too!

  9. Well geez i turn my mini off for 25 minutes and try to turn it back on and nothin happends. i plug it into computer and charger still nothin! Help me ! lol

  10. thank u so much. i thaugt my ipod was dead and ready to pay to fix it.but no press select and menu. and your ipod is alive again!!!!

  11. holy crap, thank you so much for that reset tip. i thoughti needed to kill myself coz my ipod wouldn’t turn on…that was the worst few minutes of my life..cell phones and TVs will never come near my ipod again

  12. wow, we just experienced an ipod death! but that tip sorted the little bugger out!
    thanks for getting us out the equivalent of a ipod apocalypse!

  13. thank you for the clarification on the reset. It saved my weekend!