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Subway’s UK site doesn’t work in Firefox. It uses IE-only JavaScript for the navigation menus, which means that users of non-IE browsers can only view a handful of pages. And those pages that you can view use a IE-only JavaScript scrolling system, which apart from being rather inaccessable also means that you can only view the first screenful of a page at any one time.
The whole site is a bit of an accessibility nightmare – the announcement on the front page which describes Subway’s launch in the UK is entirely contained within an image with no alt text. The code is a confusing mix of tables and div tags with spacer GIFs (ugh… ) for layout.
I’d boycott them, but, well… their subs just taste so nice…


  1. Do you have Quiznos in the U.K.? I like them even better than Subway! Mmmmm… toasted subs!

  2. I wish – I’ve heard they’re better than Subway. Their commercials also look better 🙂 .
    Alas Subway has a monopoly on the American-style subway sandwich market over here.

  3. I hope you sent Subs to Defend the Fox 😛

  4. It lost me at the pop-up adverts.

  5. It seems to work in Opera though! 😛 (Bet this comment doesn’t get published. Tee hee)

  6. There are 13 quiznos in the uk.
    In Birmingham there is one in the Pavilion Shopping centre (