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Firefox 0.10.1

Firefox 0.10.1, a minor update to fix a security vunerabilty, has been released. Here’s the press release with more details about the flaw. If you’re running Firefox 1.0PR (aka 0.10), just click on the red icon next to the throbber when it appears to update, or install the XPI manually.
You could, however, get yourself a nightly build and take advantage of the new tabbed browsing options which allows you to force links to open in new tabs instead of new windows and have URLs sent from other applications open in new tabs. In effect, it takes the options from Tabbrowser Preferences and merges them with the Firefox core. Very cool 🙂


  1. Hmm, I installed this and my Help menu has gone screwy – all bar 4 items are now not appearing (and 2 of those 4 are seperators) – is this unique to me or is it a problem with the build?

  2. I just clicked on the critical update icon that appeared in the top right of the screen – mainly out of curiosity to see what it was.

  3. Harry, the same thing (separators instead of menu items) happened to one of my machines where I upgraded from zipped version of FF instead of the installer. Also, full upgrade from FF PR1 (NF) to FF 0.10.1 added shortcuts to the root of the Start | All Programs menu on WinXP.
    The installer version of FF PR1 upgraded to 0.10.1 without a problem.

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