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Another case of plugin hell

Having recently re-opened an old Scrapie mailbox (and receiving all the spam that comes with it), I found I was subscribed to a mailing list for It’s possible that a predecessor of mine signed up for it, but in any case, I checked out the site.
Firstly, there’s a Flash intro – you can skip it but only if you have Flash installed. If you don’t then you just see a blank page.
The home page used both Java and Flash. It doesn’t really need to use either, never mind both, but oh well. There’s also a lot of unnecessary Javascript and a rather rude message shown when you right-click (“You have no reason to use this feature!” – oh really?). Naturally it’s been done in FrontPage.
I guess it’s another example to add to my “how not to do design a web site” list.

One Comment

  1. Not that I could see anyone wanting to steal code/images/etc. from that site, but times like this the Allow Right-Click Firefox extension comes in handy! =)