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FeedDemon 1.5

The new version of FeedDemon rocks so much that it deserves its own full entry here.
First, a bit of background: I started using FeedDemon when it was in its pre-1.0 beta stage, as it was the only RSS reader I truly felt comfortable with. It was fast, feature-rich and easy to use. Then, when it hit version 1.0, I bought a license and have been using and upgrading it ever since. I even ran the betas of 1.1.
Then a few weeks ago my laptop hard drive died, taking Windows and everything on it with it. Needing my RSS fix, I turned to Bloglines because it was web-based – I was using Knoppix at the time and couldn’t install programs because they’d be wiped as soon as I rebooted. Bloglines was actually very good to use so I stuck with it, and it also allowed me to read feeds when I was away from my machine.
Then Nick Bradbury messes everything up and releases a beta of FeedDemon 1.5. He could have called it 1.2 but the changes easily justify the 1.5 version number. You can integrate your Bloglines and NewsGator Online Services accounts (with 1.5 beta 1a) into FeedDemon, so you get the go-anywhere convinience of Bloglines with the advantages of a desktop aggregator. Based on Arvind’s experiences it appears to be easier to migrate from Bloglines to FeedDemon 1.5 than FD1.1 to FD1.5 as I had no problems. There’s a help guide to the new features if you need it though.
While this is the big new feature, there’s a lot of other new features that are very welcome and also deserve a mention. These include:

  • Favicons turned on by default (previously this required a registry hack)
  • A ‘Next Channel Group’ button
  • News items that have been updated are now highlighted in a different colour – previously updates didn’t show up at all
  • Prompting if a feed returns a 410 (gone) status code
  • Ability to export channels from all groups into one OPML file
  • …and much more

I was about to give up using FeedDemon as it was no longer useful to me – now it’s a perfect complement. It also fulfils the request I made in my RSS on the go article, albeit in a somewhat different (but better) way than I’d proposed.


  1. Unfortunately, I rolled back to 1.1.03 It was just too buggy and a lot of the time when this stuff would happen I would be no where near my PC. I would come back home and find that some feeds weren’t downloaded properly, some channels didn’t even update or something like that. I hope Nick makes moving from 1.1.x upto 1.5 an easy move!

  2. Feed Demon 1.5 (or any version for that matter) doesn’t import my Bloglines folders.
    I’m sticking with just Bloglines.