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TypeKey Solution (I hope)

I think I’ve solved the problem with TypeKey comments being rejected, by not requiring email addresses from TypeKey anymore. I have, however, made one new stipulation – if you have never used your TypeKey account here, the first time you comment your account will have to be approved for use here. If you’re already commented, this won’t affect you.
For now I’m keeping compulsory moderation of non-TypeKey comments as although I now know who this Jebus character is who has been leavy silly comments (it’s another student from the university) I’m not convinced that he’s going to leave me alone just yet.


  1. Well, it isn’t working for me. Back to the drawing board.

  2. If I were you, I’d gather the “evidence” and hand it to your Uni’s IT department. I’m sure that’ll be a breach of the computer usage policy.

  3. Failed here, too. Told me name and email address are required (even though TypeKey is set up to include such info). Tried signing in/out but still didn’t work. =/
    Guess for Jebus you could always block the University subnet… just kidding. =)

  4. fraid it don’t work here either.

  5. I’m (Mozilla 1.7.3/Win2kSP4) experiencing another funky problem as well. Adding a comment via the default (non-TypeKey) method gets wiped if you click the Preview button. Well that is, the entry is not shown in the textarea when I click the Preview button and then can not be submitted unless you hit your browser’s back button and submit. Weird…