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TypeKey Issues

It looks like some people are having issues when trying to use their TypeKey accounts to comment here. I haven’t changed anything at this end and it seems to work okay for me so I’m unsure what’s up. Just keep trying and if all else fails just comment normally and I’ll approve the comments.
Meanwhile, this is way-cool and well timed. I may well be reinstalling FeedDemon thanks to this.


  1. I love the MacOS X app NetNewswire for reading feeds, but had to give it up because it doesn’t offer synchronization between my four computer “locations.” Thanks to the new integration feature with bloglines, now I can go back! Sweet!

  2. No kidding! That is truly awesome news! My biggest complaint on desktop Feed readers is that they don’t remember what I have read if I read feeds from more than one location. If by using Bloglines, this problem is eliminated, then I’ll be looking at FeedDemon as well!
    However, one of the other reasons I use Bloglines alone, is that reading the full post of an entry in the feed doesn’t require me to open a browser (it’s already open) and I can open the post in a new Tab (Firefox being used here). I found the desktop readers to be a little limiting in the way they presented the page the feed was pointing to. It will be interesting to see what happens with this alliance.

  3. For some reason I usually fail my first attempt, sign back into TypeKey (though was already signed in) and then can post.
    Testing, 1… 2… 3…

  4. Interesting. At least it works for other people and not just me 🙂 .