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Link Hoare

Let’s see – if I link to Scoble, will that be enough to get him to subscribe to me? 🙂
His Bloglines public subscriptions are really interesting as there’s some blogs in there like Absoblogginlutely there that I really didn’t expect. But yay for Andy for getting noticed.
incidentally I may well stick with Bloglines as my RSS reader due to its convinience. FeedDemon is a good application which has served me well for nearly a year and was well worth the money I paid for it but Bloglines is more useful to me right now. incidentally I’m subscribed to just short of 100 feeds.


  1. I have been using bloglines and love it… I don’t think I will every switch to something else.

  2. what it is to be famous eh – well almost.
    The way to get linked is to write interesting content (I try) and to comment on the blog with some interesting and useful content.
    As for bloglines, I just can’t get into it – doesnt seem to be intuitive enough for me – for example I couldnt work out how to get a list of new items only displayed – if it takes more than a couple mins playing then at the moment I dont have time to use it. With 199 feeds I need that functionality and FeedOnFeeds does this for me.
    PS this page at was still refusing to allow me to comment if i signed in with typekey.