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Being nosey

The Computing department have finally replaced their oldest cluster of computers, which were getting on for 4 years old and were stuggling to run RedHat 9 and Windows XP. We now have shiny new black Dell 3GHz Pentium 4 machines with CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives and 1GB of RAM, nVidia graphics cards and sizable hard disks (don’t know the full size but they have 25GB Windows partitions). They’re workstations so a huge HD isn’t really necessary, but a fast processor and lots of memory are needed for compiling programs and rendering stuff in Maya.
On the Windows front, we’re running Windows XP SP2, and the Linux partitions contain RedHat 9, albeit with updated versions of Mozilla (1.7.3, albeit without XFT) and OpenOffice (1.1.0 – yes, I know it’s not the latest) and probably some other things I’ve not run yet. No Firefox or Thunderbird, unfortunately. I believe that some university machines do have Thunderbird but they’re mostly in the student union where I think a certain previous sabbatical officer had an influence.
Update: They also run Office 2003 SP1.

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