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It’s been the best part of 3 months since I started living in a student house as opposed to halls of residences, so seeing as the Student Life category is looking rather bare here’s something to fill it:

Things I like about being in a house

  1. No fire alarms
  2. Broadband internet (although almost all the halls in Bradford now have it, bah… )
  3. Having a living room
  4. Having a sofa
  5. Having a big TV with a clear signal and lots of channels
  6. Knowing who the culprit is if someone steals your food
  7. Having your own washing machine
  8. Being able to choose who you live with
  9. Not needing to lock your room every time you go to the toilet

Things I like about being in halls

  1. Not so far to walk to lectures/the pub
  2. Kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned for you
  3. Not having to worry about paying for heating or electricity
  4. Being able to meet new people

So more positives than negatives, which is good. Term starts properly tomorrow so it’s back to the grind.


  1. Fire alarms are a good thing!

  2. I much prefer living in my own house rather than halls or Uni accomodation. It’s more convinient, more relaxed and yes, broadband internet! Also and it’s only a small thing, but it’s just so much easier to be domestic too. A washing machine in the house! Such luxries I only dreamed off when I was living in Uni accomodation and had a 5 minute walk ot the washing machine block.